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Instalation/download problem

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Dear community.


 I need help to solve one problem.


Working in a company, in Chinas' Shanghai city. 

The system we use is Win XP SP3, but I am not much sure about software legacy.

My problems are with upgrading my ESET smart sec software. While I was today upgrading to v7, after restert computer, all the files and folders of ESET was away and no any protection, ESET was simply missing.

When I downloaded live instaler, I can not download full pack, while connection come reset at about 100kb of downloaded file.

Offline instaler have same problem, can not download it. At home, I have no problem. I can download and bring it on usb and install. 

But I am affraid of more security risk here. It is not first time happen on this computer. 


Have anyone Idea, what is the cause of this ? 


 Thank you a lot for any help. 

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ESET's installers are digitally signed. You can check the signature to make sure they haven't been tampered with.

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