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Eset has blocked my site : Malware note Favicon.ico

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i created my site something like 2-3 weeks ago, and after 3-4 days my site has been blocked by eset,

i got the next erros (images)

maybe because i downloaded some icon from the internet?

i checked the source in virus total, and that said me only the anti virus Jiangmin found the next virus: TrojanDownloader.JS.ajff

https://virustotal.com/he/file/167990a2332597a60f25408e312795affbc0685d7599115617d7e29ae32f7678/analysis/1496424378/ --- Source file [VirusTotal]

https://virustotal.com/he/url/54b33aa01244a5b0b25af2769f648e94c5f374d14deeca1e1cfc01d53d2c70c0/analysis/1496425743/ --- Checking if the other websites blocking the site

and i dont know why, i dont created in the source something to download or something like that...

i deleted my site, FTP, MAIL, and all, i have my source file now, and i tried to delete the favicon from the site, but its blocked for life, now there is no NS on the FTP and the site dont working, 

what can i to do? please help me

~sorry about my bad english

thanks you!



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This forum is not a means for reporting possible false positives on URLs. Please follow these instructions http://support.eset.com/kb141 once you've fixed the problem with the certificate.

Problems with the website:
- recently hosted malware
- uses a self-signed untrusted certificate: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=sorry.rip#whyNotTrusted

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