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ESET NOD32 A/V + COMODO FW => best practises

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Hello all,

I've been using ESET nod32 for a long time. Either, I've been using comodo firewall for a few years. Before window10 upgrade both worked perfectly but since windows 10 and moreover last release of comodo FW (10.x), it seems that configuration is more tricky. I decided to modifiy comodo FW settings. I disabled comodo HIPS and unchecked auto sandboxing (because of some annoyances with minecraft bat file). What is the recommandations regarding the use or not and the configuration of a 3rd party sand-box (comodo), with nod32 A/V and its HIPS ? For information, comodo settings are based on proactive security profile that I modified to disable HIPS and auto sandboxing.

More globally : what are advices for the best settings to allow ESET NOD32 A/V and COMODO FW to work perfectly ?


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