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  1. Hello, Finally Creators update is OK but I had to uninstall Eset Nod32 before proceeding to the upgrade. Once this done, I reinstalled Eset Nod32 (with last installer available on Eset portal) and imported last settings. Apparently, everything is fine ! Regards
  2. Hello, Thanks a lot for your answer. At lunch break, back at home, I just checked for available upgrades but Eset told me that I was up to date, so I suppose I have latest release. I will verify this evening... Regards
  3. Hello, I performed windows 10 creator update. At first boot after installation, everything was OK but after second boot, a BSOD came with stop code : kmode exception not handled, failed element is : epfwwfpr.sys. I have last Eset antivirus release (always accept proposed updates). Thank you in advance to help me troubleshoot and sort out the situation.... Best Regards
  4. Hello all, I've been using ESET nod32 for a long time. Either, I've been using comodo firewall for a few years. Before window10 upgrade both worked perfectly but since windows 10 and moreover last release of comodo FW (10.x), it seems that configuration is more tricky. I decided to modifiy comodo FW settings. I disabled comodo HIPS and unchecked auto sandboxing (because of some annoyances with minecraft bat file). What is the recommandations regarding the use or not and the configuration of a 3rd party sand-box (comodo), with nod32 A/V and its HIPS ? For information, comodo settings are based on proactive security profile that I modified to disable HIPS and auto sandboxing. More globally : what are advices for the best settings to allow ESET NOD32 A/V and COMODO FW to work perfectly ? Regards
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