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Where can I copy the blocked url?

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How should I allow a blocked url QUICKLY? I mean, the message popped out doesn't allow me to copy. I can't find anything logging the blocking action either. Do I have to input the url manually? You know, sometimes the url isn't the direct one of the visited page and might be rather complicated. It frustrates me that inputting the characters one by one. 

I'm using ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.2.9200. I'd appreciate a lot if anyone could help me with the issue. Thanks in advance.

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I suppose it depends on why it was blocked, if it was determined to be a Phishing website, or PUA, or ? You can whitelist URLs using Web Control, but that's not way you're asking I understand. Perhaps you can see what you're looking for in the "Filtered websites" logfile, which is a "List of websites that were blocked by Web access protection or Web Control".

Tools > Log files

Filtered websites – This list is useful if you want to view a list of websites that were blocked by Web access protection or Web control. In these logs you can see the time, URL, user and application that opened a connection to the particular website.

For example, you can see the list of filtered websites from Tools > Log files > Filtered websites


Filtered website.PNG

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