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Issue Uninstall GPO Deployed Era Agent

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We do have a issue uninstalling GPO Deployed Era Agents.
If we create a Task to uninstall a Agent on a specific Client it wont uninstall every thing

Programm Files ( C:\Programm\Eset... ) are completely removed
Service is removed

But under Programms and Features ERA still is present.
If we try to manually uninstall it from the Client it fails

We Traced the installer log => it try's to stop ERA Service => Service is not there, so the uninstaller Fails.

Only way to uninstall it complete, is to use the esetuninstaller in safe mode

With 50 or more Clients, a manual uninstall would be a horror.


Has anyone else faced this issue ?
This has occured only with GPO deployed Agents, not with Live Installers nor AiO-Installers.


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I am experiencing the same issue as you and ESET have told me that if the computer is not under control of the RA server the I can only boot into safe mode to remove the local remote administrator. Some computers are 100s of miles away at remote sites. This took 3 weeks to conclude after submitting logs etc.

The manual uninstallation removes the local database in C:\programdata\eset so removes communication to the RA server.

Manually uninstalling and reinstalling the agent was my only method to fix problems with ESET. I don't have that now.


What is also alarming that I have identified some computers that have received RA 6.5 fresh from WSUS Package installer would not uninstall at all (no AV or and comms to RA server)

There is definitely an major issue here and it is important to fix the issue so that we can ensure our systems are safe. I have read of others with this issue and ESET support have reported that others have had this issue so please fix can you fix it ESET!



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