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ESET Smart Security, Firefox v53 BPP problem

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I updated to Firefox v53 yesterday (Thursday, April 20, 2017) and now the Banking & Payment Protection feature will not work with 1Password.

I contacted the 1Password support group and after many messages they suggested that I contact you folks to have the 1Password provided Firefox extension whitelisted in ESET.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

ESET Smart Security v 10.0.390.0

Firefox v53.0 (64bit)

Windows 10 Creators Update v1703

1Password v4.6.1.620

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @BobArch2,

If there any incompatibility with X software or browser add-on the ESET Lab fix in a new module released with the usual updates (your case will be the BPP module).

I found your talk with the guys of "1Password" and I see you already fill a Support Request. That is a good step.
They should contact you soon, if not let us know here.

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Hi @Gonzalo Alvarez,

Heard back from ESET support this morning. Their canned response was to update from 10.0.390 to current Smart Security version 10.1.204. I was a bit hesitant to do so based on the reporting of firewall issues in the new version. However, I followed all the required instructions and still having problems with the BPP feature in Firefox v53. ESET needs to white-list the Firefox extension as provided by 1Password. The current Firefox extension provided by 1Password (v4.6.4) works fine in the regular version of Firefox... just will not work in the BPP Firefox browser.

I have informed the Support group of my results.

P.S. As of this writing, no firewall issues in v10.1.204 of ESET Smart Security

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