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  1. Add me to the list where LiveGrid is not accessible. EIS
  2. I am having a like problem applying the 1Password extension for Chrome in Windows 10. My version of 1Password is v4.6.2.626. The problem has existed with the Banking and Payment Protection for several versions going back over a year. 1Password v4 is the standalone version of 1Password which I have used for several years.
  3. Yesterday, Friday October 27, I installed ESET Internet Security over ESET Smart Security (not a clean install). The upgrade performed flawlessly. The same USER ID, Key and expiration date remained unchanged. I then checked License Manager and I had 4 recorded licenses. 3 for my PC and one for my wife's. I deleted two of the older ones for my PC and am back to the legitimate 2 subscriptions. This morning, Saturday, I updated up wife's PC from ESS to EIS and License Manager now showed 2 installations for her PC. I deleted the older of the 2 and we are back to being "normal". It would appear that updating a product to the next major release sparks another entry in the ESET database. Luckily, the License Manager allows one to correct the issue.
  4. Just for information purposes... running ESET Smart Security 10.1.210 and in Chrome had no problem accessing hxxp://bookhd.ca.
  5. Hi @Gonzalo Alvarez, Heard back from ESET support this morning. Their canned response was to update from 10.0.390 to current Smart Security version 10.1.204. I was a bit hesitant to do so based on the reporting of firewall issues in the new version. However, I followed all the required instructions and still having problems with the BPP feature in Firefox v53. ESET needs to white-list the Firefox extension as provided by 1Password. The current Firefox extension provided by 1Password (v4.6.4) works fine in the regular version of Firefox... just will not work in the BPP Firefox browser. I have informed the Support group of my results. P.S. As of this writing, no firewall issues in v10.1.204 of ESET Smart Security
  6. I updated to Firefox v53 yesterday (Thursday, April 20, 2017) and now the Banking & Payment Protection feature will not work with 1Password. I contacted the 1Password support group and after many messages they suggested that I contact you folks to have the 1Password provided Firefox extension whitelisted in ESET. Any thoughts or suggestions? ESET Smart Security v 10.0.390.0 Firefox v53.0 (64bit) Windows 10 Creators Update v1703 1Password v4.6.1.620
  7. Yesterday, Saturday, October 29, 2016 I updated ESS to v10.0.369.0. Today I brought up the ESS Banking Payment and Protection version of Firefox (v49.0.2). The 1Password browser extension (v4.6.1) was missing. I went to the AgileBits web site, downloaded and installed the browser extension while in ESS' BPP FF. The extension was then shown to be active and I was able to log into my banking sites. All is well with the world.
  8. Situation resolved for me as well. And as reported by other users in this thread, no changes have been made post Windows 10 Cumulative updates on Tuesday. I also fiddled with the off/on settings for BPP today. As a note, I had tried that process yesterday to no avail. Regardless, BPP is now working in IE. (But not in Firefox or Chrome with 1Password).
  9. I can confirm that Banking Payment and Protection works in Internet Explorer v11 with 1Password as of today. After Tuesday's Windows 10 Cumulative updates it failed. The only thing that has occurred between then and now is that a couple of reboots have occurred and I tried turning BPP feature off/on/off/on a couple of times. Which I had also tried yesterday (Wednesday) to no avail. Regardless, it is now working in IE. What's left to fix is the use of Firefox or Chrome with BPP and 1Password. Cheers, Bob
  10. I have been using the released version of 1Password since April 2014. Without any issues until a short while ago. In talking to AgileBits support to see if the problem was at their end, they stated it was an ESET issue. They also said that you may contact them at support+windows@agilebits.com to work towards a solution. Regards, Bob
  11. The Win10 cumulative update released today breaks Banking and Payment Protection in ESET SS 9.0.402.0 when using 1Password in Internet Explorer. Prior to today, IE was the only browser that worked with BPP and 1Password. Firefox and Chrome could not be used. Now, none of the browsers work with BPP and 1Password. In a previous posting it was stated that the ESET moderator never heard of 1Password. I am sorry to report that it is one of the top password managers and used by 100's of thousand of users. I have used it in both Windows and iPad OS environments since April 2014. Nary a problem until the last few months. When will ESET BPP support the common browsers with the 1Password extension? Thanks in advance for your assistance. In the meantime, I have turned off BPP in ESET Smart Security. [Edited to add the error message in ESET... Protector browser could not be started. Associated error code: 0x847695d0]
  12. I received a message from AgileBits support (1Password) that ESET Banking Protection is locked tight and will not allow the passing of login information to both Firefox and Chrome browsers. They also offered the following comment "I'd recommend you contact ESET and ask them if there's a way to allow the 1Password browser extension to function in Chrome and Firefox while in Banking Protection mode".
  13. With banking protection turned on and using 1Password to access bank sites while using Firefox does not work. 1Password cannot fill in the required fields (userid and password) Likewise problem with Chrome. Edge not a viable browser for banking protection and 1Password. Internet Explorer is the only browser that works without any issues when banking protection is turned on and bank sites are accessed via 1Password. 1Password authors, AgileBits,are suggesting that there are conflicts with the browsers and ESET's banking protection. Any comments or suggestions?
  14. UPDATE I decided to uninstall the app but the system (Windows 10) would not allow it because the ESET display menu showed it as being version 9.0.381.0 while the Control Panel (also reflected in the Registry) as being version 9.0.377.0. Before contacting Support I decided to try a Repair install from the Control Panel. That worked. ESET Smart Security display was now showing it to be version 9.0.377.0. I downloaded a fresh copy of the full blown installer for 9.0.381.00 and ran the install followed by a restart. Now, everything is showing the version to be 9.0.381.0. However, what I find strange is that the old version was shown as being 254 MB in size while the newer version is displayed as being 129 MB in size. Big difference. I'll contact Support to get their views. Cheers, [Edited 2016.06.16 to report on installation size: Tech Support has confirmed that the size of 9.0.381.0 is 129MB. There is no idea why 9.0.377.0 showed as being 254MB. Perhaps the larger size was due to a corrupt install? Anyway, all is well] Bob
  15. Just updated from v9.0.377.0 to v9.0.381.0 and after a successful update restarted the system. The ESET panel shows the updated version (9.0.381.0) while Programs and Features in the Control Panel shows the old version number. After noticing the above discrepancy, I noticed that the ESET icon in the taskbar was indicating that the MS monthly updates were available. I performed those updates and when completed, along with a required restart, I check the Control Panel again. Still showing the old EST version number.
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