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There are accounts on our ERA server that have permissions only to devices in specific static groups.  After the 6.5 upgrade the dashboard reports are no longer available to them.  I cannot find the permissions required to enable these reports to be seen again.  How do I make these reports available again?

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It seems user has no access to report templates that are shown on dashboard. In ERAv6, two security-related configuration must be set to have access to report templates:

  1. user must have functionality access to "Reports and Dashboard" with USE rights (Admin -> Access Rights)
  2. user must have access to static group that objects are assigned to. By default, report templates are assigned to group All (see Access Group information in report templates view). In order to share them with other users, you will have to move report templates to different access group - accessible by all users. To move report templates, open context menu of "report template category" and use Access group -> Move. It seems moving only specific report template is not possible (most probably bug). You may find more details in documentation.


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