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Troubleshooting Agent Processing Group Dynamic Templates

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In March of 2015 the ESET agent Timos gave some insight on how computers are processed into Dynamic Groups:


Dynamic group templates are evaluated by Agent. Computer should be in corresponding dynamic group after second connection of Agent to Server. In first they get the info about dynamic group template, and in second connection Agent sends if it belongs to dynamic group.  Because of this you can trigger client tasks on Agent in situations where Agent has no connection to Server.

That's very interesting information and it helps me understand what's going on.  

But how can the administrator troubleshoot this process?  I have some computers that don't seem to be getting into the right dynamic group.  Can I enable some logging in the Agent to see:

1. What dynamic group templates are sent to the Agent when it last connected.

2. How did it process these dynamic group templates?  What was the result (either they are in our out of each one)?

3. Did it send the resulting set of dynamic group memberships to the ERA server at the next connection?

Basically, I'm looking for a way to troubleshoot the process when something does not behave in the expected way.

Thank you. 

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