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Anti-Theft randomly started a siren

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Hi, yesterday (16th February) my smartphone was randomly locked, because of "suspicious activity" detected. But that was not a big deal, as I know the password. Perhaps it was because I was performing updates of Google Play apps.

However, what was worse, today (17th February). My smartphone has randomly ran anti-theft siren (in my workplace). My phone was laying on the table and no one touched it. I don't know why these incidents happened, but incidents like this are breaking my trust in ESET Mobile Security product, which is sad, because I like this app (fortunately, these are only two incidents which happened since last and previous year). So I turned off Anti-theft protection until I will know more information.

I attached screenshots of activity log. You can see that it just randomly locked device and started a siren.

Do you know why something like that happened?

I will appreciate any help related to this issue.

P.S.: I'm using ASUS ZenFone Selfie ZD551KL (not rooted) with Android version 6.0.1. ESET Mobile Security as well as Android OS are fully updated.




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