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EIS HIPS registry access warning and question

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When I open Waterfox and Synchredible (a file sync program I use) a HIPS warning screen pops up asking what to do.

The pop up says "An application (Waterfox) or (Synchredible) is trying to access the registry (AutoConfigURL)

It asks to click on Allow or Deny with the following options:

Ask every time

Remember until application quits

Create rule and remember permanently

Why is this showing and what option should I choose?





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  • ESET Insiders

The reason you get the HIPS alert must be that neither Waterfox or Synchredible are digitally signed and are making a call to delete the AutoConfigURL entry.

The only thing you can do if you don't want the alert is to make a specific rule to allow 'Delete from registry' for AutoConfigURL.

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  • Administrators

Most likely you are using Smart HIPS mode. This particular behavior will be changed soon in a HIPS module update so you should not be prompted for an action any more then unless the modification is suspicious enough.

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