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My Site being BLOCKED

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I don't pay 30 bucks a year for my sites to have you guys block them, it's just my band website, I have an HTML5 music player embedded, that's it. The Site is generated by Godaddy's built in site maker, so there is nothing malicious in it.

I checked the other posts in here about blocked sites, sometimes you include links to report errors, but I have tried several of those links and they "GNDN" (go nowhere, do nothing). So if you have the proper link for reporting errors, that would be great, or if you can remove my site from your block list, that would be even better. Thanks.

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This is the exact link that GNDN. The ACTUAL link is


Please update your info and provide the correct link, the way I see it,. you have a lot of editing to do today, because you've posted that erroneous link several times already. 

I have already been in contact through the CORRECT link. But if you have any influence, maybe you can push this through to get my block lifted. Thank you.

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I get very same results when clicking either link. We don't use zap; it's only used by ESET LLC in the US. It's a kind of automated scripts as far as I know.

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