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Delay automatic update at startup


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Because my iMac needs some time to connect to my WiFi-network at startup, I frequently receive a log entry "Date Time - ESET Daemon - Error updating Antivirus modules: Server not found. root". This is an indication that the ESET Daemon hasn't been able to update for lack of an Internet connection after user logon.

I have an automatic update entry in the Scheduler with the following settings: Automatic update after user logon; Update; Event triggered; The first time the product starts each day; Minimum task interval 00:00:00 (no limit); Run the task as soon as possible.

Can I make the 'Automatic Update after user logon' start with a short delay (one minute or so), in order for updating to start after my iMac has made a connection to my WiFi?

Thanks in advance...

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Hi Tese,

Although you cannot add a delay, the program will eventually update after an hour of use. If you think that is too long to wait or you don't use your device for that long, as a workaround you could edit the default task of hourly updates to a shorter amount of time. On decent Macs and Internet Connections with recent versions, update checking only takes 1 to 2 seconds if you are already up to date.

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