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Can't access webconsole on virtual appliance

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We had a power outage in our data center and we failed over our vms to our recovery site. This caused  the virtual appliance eth0 to get assigned a  new mac address, which resulted in   rule 70  in Centos to kick in and disable eth0. i fixed this and rebooted the vm and now i cannot get access to the webconsole. i have verified that tomcat along with mysql are running. i checked the WEB-INF properties and all is good. Could use you some guidance on restoring access.  


Thank you 

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i reviewed the  logs, few errors on the rogue sensor but nothing else. Instead of spending more time troubleshooting, wish i had more time but i don't so  I turned up a new appliance and migrated over. All is good. 

Thank you . 

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