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Multiple licenses + mirror?

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We currently have ESET Remote Administrator + Console V5.0.242.0 with 65 seats for EEA (ESET Endpoint Antivirus).


After speaking with Sales, we were instructed that for our Windows servers, the File Security product is a better solution and we should be able to add seats of this to our existing infrastructure, so we acquired a license of 5 seats for EFSW (ESET File Security for Windows Server) to try adding to our Remote Administrator.

If I try to push the new 5 seat license up to our Remote Administrator Server, it says it will choose the appropriate license/accepts it, but I see nothing in the mirror area to add ESFW mirror?


Can the Remote Administrator use two licenses like this or do we need another ERA server+console for the server products?  OR can we simply use the 5-seat license stand-alone and key in the username/password so these 5 servers can update directly to ESET vs. our Remote Administrator?


Thanks in advance for any tips or insights!


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One ERAS can use only one license. Your reseller should be able to make embedded license from both of your current licenses. It will result in one license for 70 nodes. Embedded license expiration date will be the earliest from both.


Sure, you can use another options, like separate ERAS for servers or leave servers as standalone non-managed nodes.

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Hey, thanks for the speedy reply!


I will contact our reseller to see if they can create this 'embedded license' with both products + seats for our ERAS as this is the preferred option.


I'm assuming that with this embedded license that the EFSW mirror options will automagically appear in the ERAS advanced options and we can start mirroring these updates through ERAS.


Thanks again!

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Hi Steve


You can add many lic files to ERAS and it will use these which will be needed - ofcourse license must be generate for one customer

also solution which sugested karlisi is OK but as i wrote - you can import many licences using license manager (CTRL+L)

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Hi karisi


Propably lic fies were different :/ they must be excacly the same ( owner name etc )


Here is info from ERAS manual:


ERAS is capable of selecting the most relevant license key and merging multiple keys into one. If there is more than one
license key uploaded, ERAS will always try to find the key with the most clients and furthest expiration date.


The ability to merge multiple keys works if all keys are owned by the same customer. Merging licenses is a simple
process which creates a new key containing all clients involved. The expiration date of the new license key becomes the
expiration date of the key that would expire first.


it's avilable on 84 page of ERAS manual :)




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