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NOD32 won't install. Thinks I already have latest version.


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My C Drive is a small SSD.  I installed NOD32 on my D drive and it ran perfectly.  My D drive crashed and needed to be replaced.  I replaced the D Drive and it now is my J Drive.  My DVD drive is now my D drive.  When I try to run NOD 32, it can't run because egui.exe is not on D.  When I download NOD32 to try and install, it stops during install to say, "You already have the latest version".  If I try to uninstall NOD32, it can't find the uninstall exe either because it too is gone.  How do I get NOD32 back?



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Just for future reference, you can change drive letters of non system operating discs from Computer Management > Disk Management. *Right click on My Computer and select Manage

It is perfectly viable to change your D: from J: back to D: and then move your DVD drive back to its original drive letter. (This is a more preferred method because of all the apps you may have installed to D: and are now J: and additionally any programs that reference your DVD drive as the original letter.)


If you attempted to uninstall ESET you may have already corrupted the links, registry and references throughout, so the above uninstall is the only option at this point.


Sorry for your troubles per4mer, and hope you get back on track. Let us know !

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