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  1. @Marcos Yes you are right Marcos but as of now https scanner is not avail for Mac so we are blocking secure sites with this temporary solution & it works without any issue.
  2. @Dump Kids I experienced the same but in solution add 443 port in HTTP scanner setup will help to block secure sites.
  3. Hello Peter, I'm also interested in BETA Testing, please sign me up for that.
  4. @Marcos The problem resolved by selecting ODBC driver: ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server instead of SQL Server
  5. Yes I installed MS SQL Server in Mixed authentication mode but let me confirm that the Account Name value, is NT Authority\System or NT Authority\Network Service else all process are followed same as described in the KB.
  6. Dear Team, I'm facing error in the Remote Administrator Server installation part on Database server connection after the successfully installed SQL. Checked TCP/IP protocol for ERASQL is enabled & the port is 14222, ERASQL Server service is also running Any help on this would be appreciated.
  7. @MartinK Thanks for your recommendation, I try to follow steps which is recommend by you but unfortunately I receive an error. I also contact at local ESET representative and use the standard support channels they also tried a lot but unfortunately the problem is not resolved and we have to reconfigure ERA server again.
  8. someone has remove unknowingly but fortunately we had taken backup of certificates & ERASQL Database so is it possible to restore from it.
  9. Dear ESET Team, User has remove only Microsoft SQL Server from ERA Server unknowingly & now user can't log in to web console. It gives error Login failed: Connection has failed with state 'Not connected' Is there any way to resolve this issue without reinstall all the component of ERA?
  10. Is ESET Internet Security will be a Multi-Device as well?
  11. Dear Team, Required scheduled report of Outdated Virus Signature Database Alert for more than 7 days with DATA (Computer Name, Network IP Addresses, Database Date etc.) Please Guide how to generate. Any help on this would be appreciated.
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