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    Andres96 gave kudos to MartinK in More licences consumed than devices listed   
    For better understanding: number of consumed licenses is represents number of all products using this license, regardless of whether this device is managed by the console as of now. So this kind of inconsistency migh happen in case:
    Device was removed from the console without being deactivated prior. Solution: In case device no longer exists: wait ~30 days or manually deactivate device from EBA/EMA portals where full list of devices, with basic identifiers can be found so that you can identify those devices easily In case device still exists, but it is no longer expected to be managed: deactivate using EBA/EMA2 portals Device was cloned - it might happen that when device is cloned or created from master image, license might be considered as used. In this case follow steps as if device no longer exists So in short, I would recommend to check EBA/EMA portals for start, and check which devices are actually licensed + whether they are still actively using license. Might be some forgotten devices, or just some devices no longer managed and present in the console...
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    Andres96 gave kudos to Marcos in More licences consumed than devices listed   
    Please raise a support ticket to find out what caused the overuse and how to fix it.
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    Andres96 received kudos from kurco in Real-time file system protetion is non-functional   
    Thanks Kurco! That worked out, thank you very much!
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    Andres96 gave kudos to kurco in Real-time file system protetion is non-functional   
    Without any system/product logs, it is really hard to identify what is going on. Is it possible to share at least product event log (sudo /opt/eset/eea/sbin/lslog -ec)?  
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    Andres96 gave kudos to kurco in Real-time file system protetion is non-functional   
    from provided logs, I can see that you have enabled secure boot, therefore you need to sign kernel modules, before they can be loaded into system. (Secure boot | ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Linux | ESET Online Help)
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    Andres96 gave kudos to Kstainton in Windows 11 breaks after encryption   
    Hi @Andres96,
    I would suggest submitting this as a support ticket as this isn't likely a simple issue: https://www.eset.com/int/support/contact/
    Does this Windows BSOD occur before or after ESET FDE Pre-boot login?
    Whilst you are in the process of doing this, let's try and get a little bit ahead of the curve and see if we can gather more logs.
    Is their a computer you are able to replicate this issue on consistently? 
    If so, could you alter the settings so that Windows generates a 'Complete Memory Dump' as per: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/windows-client/performance/generate-a-kernel-or-complete-crash-dump and proceed to FDE as normal. Then, the next time this issue occurs would you be able to decrypt the disk via the ESET Recovery Media Creator. I would like this because if the process of 'Decrypting' the disk allows you to regain access to Windows without formatting and performing a fresh Windows OS install, we may be able to gather the 'Memory Dump' which will hopefully tell us more.
    Thank you,
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