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  1. For as long as I can remember, and I've been running ESET NOD32 on my computers for 8 years, a new release has never been preceded by Release Notes. Never. Always after the fact.
  2. Always seems backwards to me that users are given the opportunity to upgrade to a new version before they are able to consult a changelog.
  3. Happy to report that after reboot (and any module update) this morning, Action Center has returned to normal. TY for your help, JozefG. 🎷🎶
  4. Yes, the problem is still visible, however there's a lot about your reply that I don't understand. I don't know where to turn on Enable Kernel advanced logging setting? The Security center service you reference as having a delayed start is not a delayed start on my system. I don't understand that you say to turn off logging (after saying to turn on advanced logging), I don't know what ETL logs are and I don't know the location of the Diagnostics folder. Are these instructions for ESET NOD32 user? Itman said in response that it "Appears you're going to have to wait for Eset to fix
  5. No disrespect, but 9 hours and 59 replies later, could you all agree that the subject has been beaten to death, and that other forum members might benefit from some attention to their issues?
  6. When I tell Action Center to turn on virus protection, I get this dialog. And when I select "Yes, I trust the publisher...", nothing changes. I have also selected the second choice, and that fails to fix the AC problem. I wanted this to be posted in case it helps ESET in finding a solution.
  7. Hello itman, TY for the reply. I am not on pre-release. I was on pre-release many months ago, but switched back to regular release. I checked settings just to make sure.
  8. Since updating to Version: on one of my 7x64 machines, I am getting the Windows Action Center telling me that ESET Security is turned off (I run ESET NOD32) and despite selecting the option in AC to turn it on and trust the publisher, the status remains the same... ESET Security is turned off. I can choose to turn off messages about virus protection, but would prefer to get ESET to sync with Action Center. I've experienced this before, and usually updating the program, or a second reboot, makes AC recognize. Anyone else? Help appreciated!
  9. Anybody post a changelog for this version update? TY
  10. It's scary how well this new Cleaner module has fixed the problem. I've been opening and closing browser sessions like crazy, trying to get Sandboxie to throw another "Could not move the sandbox folder out of the way" error message, but all is well. Sandboxie is deleting sandboxes like it used to.
  11. Just downloaded the new Cleaner module 1197 pre-release update. I'll post back with any info. TY!
  12. That sounds awesome, Marcos. Looking forward to the new Cleaner module. 😊
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