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    Page42 gave kudos to itman in Unwanted marketing message   
    The question is if the OP and the recent other poster did this?
    The OP purchased from Newegg as I have done in the past. You are e-mailed a license key and normally one would just do an Eset in-product license update. No need to export Eset settings, uninstall, re-install, and then import previous Eset settings.
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    Page42 gave kudos to peteyt in Unwanted marketing message   
    Have you previously backed up settings and then reinstalled eset and then loaded the backed up settings?
    I could be wrong @Marcos but if my memory serves me correct there was a problem with this setting in the past.
    It wasn't being properly backed up/restored. When someone backed up the setting and then loaded it it would show as disabled but the user  had to enable and then disable again  as it wasn't properly saved
    Just found the link I remembered. Not sure if it's any good or related 
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    Page42 gave kudos to MarcFL in Unwanted marketing message   
    Same Here.  I purchased Eset DIRECTLY from Eset.  Thanks for looking into this Marcos.
    In my case, the setting "Display Marketing Messages"  was set to a question mark "?" (center of slider).

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    Page42 gave kudos to Marcos in Unwanted marketing message   
    I've inquired a colleague about this message. Will keep you posted.
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    Page42 gave kudos to itman in Unwanted marketing message   
    Try to extract the URL associated with the "Learn More" tab in the alert w/o mouse clicking on it and post it in the forum.
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    Page42 received kudos from MarcFL in Unwanted marketing message   
    I have IN-PRODUCT MESSAGING (display marketing messaging) disabled, but this popped up a few minutes ago.  Hope it was a one-off.
    NOD32 Antivirus

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    Page42 received kudos from MarcFL in Here are the Release Notes for New Version   
    Always seems backwards to me that users are given the opportunity to upgrade to a new version before they are able to consult a changelog.
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    Page42 gave kudos to itman in Windows Action Center telling me that ESET Security is turned off   
    Appears you're going to have to wait for Eset to fix this.
    As posted on wilderssecurity.com, even a fresh install of 14.0.21 is borking the Win Security Center on select Win installations.
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    Page42 gave kudos to itman in Rude and unhelpful customer support   
    This incident does prompt the issue of just whom is an "authorized Eset Partner." Finding that info on the web is next to impossible.
    A consumer will always try to find the lowest price for any product assuming other purchase considerations are the same. In the U.S., newegg.com will run periodic sales on Eset products. Newegg is a major Internet retailer in the U.S.. I have never had an issue with purchasing an Eset license with them. However, no where on the web can I find Eset listing them as an "authorized partner." Assumed here is Eset's in-country subsidiaries do in fact have sales relationships with other sources but it appears do not want to publicly disclosed those relationships. 
    In reality from what I can determine is in the U.S., the only listed Eset authorized partner is Eset themselves.
    Bottom line is that it appears to me that Eset is trying to receive the highest sales price by redirecting to their own internal in-country web sites. Also all the above is why individuals end up purchasing a license from an unauthorized source.
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