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  1. Good day, when I first used ESET for my PC, it had only 256 MB. And it worked fine! I managed to upgrade it to 1GB few months ago. Since then, I tested: 1 US product (its founder now is kind of playboy), 2 German AVs, 1 Romanian AV, 1 Russian AV, 1 Czech AVs. (I had a lot of free time back there) My experience about performance is: ESET is the best, 1 German AV comes 2nd, Czech AV comes 3rd. The other is...
  2. Maybe someone sent them the link to this topic. I can name at least 6 products have higher performance mark than ESET but my real experience about them is way worse than ESET. I have one desktop which I bought in 2006 is using Celeron CPU. And the only AV I can install is ESET. I tried some "less resource hunger" AVs but my computer was slow down significantly. All I could do was to look at the monitor and wait. Sometime, I wonder if some AVs have mechanism of detecting testing tools so that they have behave in difference way which uses less resource.
  3. I don't use the anti spam function because I don't use any email client. So, it's just my deduction, maybe enable that feature will make downloading emails take longer? Or, it may require more computing resource when scanning new emails? And, or, their opinion is that without enabling that option, the anti spam work well enough for normal user?
  4. Hi, even in those test, the testers always encourage users to try the AVs themselves to find out which one suits them the most. But, as a matter of fact, fanboys ignore that.
  5. This problem hit at quite an inconvenient time for me. Until now, I stuck at 10435. My country (Vietnam) connection to Europe or America was severely reduce in term of speed and bandwidth because of damaged undersea cable. Large update pack + restricted foreign bandwidth = mission impossible. Anyway, is there any way to perform offline update for ESET v7?
  6. Thank you, rugk! After some thought, I've decided to go with ESET v7. I installed it just few hours ago and it's working fine untill now.
  7. Thank you, Rugk and Swex! Your answers have clarified my question. Sure using newer version is always better. But I saw some computers still using v4. That's when that question popped out in my mind. Thank you very much!
  8. Hello, TomFace. Maybe in the future I will do it. Sometime I think of upgrading to newer version, but ESET 4 is still working fine for me. It never miss once and I love it. I'm kind of conservative, I don't like to change while it's working perfectly fine now.
  9. Good day, everyone! This is just an out of curious question. I wonder if ESET has any plan on ending support (include virus update, program update and customer support) for older versions, like 2.5, 3.0 or 4.0. I think it requires quite an effort and money to keep supporting older versions like that, and it makes sense if ESET plans to do so. But, I really appreciate if ESET continue support them for the time to come.
  10. - How did you find the ESET Security Forum? - Well, I wanted to know more about ESET, so I visited ESET official website, that's when I found out about this forum. - What OS are you running? - Currently I'm using Windows 7 for my laptop and Windows XP for my desktop. - What AV are you running? - I'm using ESET Smart Security 4 for both laptop and desktop. - What’s an interesting fact about you? - I'm a sailor, that means I don't have internet connection often. That's the reason why whenever I know any antiviruses become relying more to something they call "Cloud". Those antiviruses have places in my own blacklist.
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