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  1. Thank you, rugk! After some thought, I've decided to go with ESET v7. I installed it just few hours ago and it's working fine untill now.
  2. Hello, TomFace. Maybe in the future I will do it. Sometime I think of upgrading to newer version, but ESET 4 is still working fine for me. It never miss once and I love it. I'm kind of conservative, I don't like to change while it's working perfectly fine now.
  3. - How did you find the ESET Security Forum? - Well, I wanted to know more about ESET, so I visited ESET official website, that's when I found out about this forum. - What OS are you running? - Currently I'm using Windows 7 for my laptop and Windows XP for my desktop. - What AV are you running? - I'm using ESET Smart Security 4 for both laptop and desktop. - What’s an interesting fact about you? - I'm a sailor, that means I don't have internet connection often. That's the reason why whenever I know any antiviruses become relying more to something they call "Cloud". Those antiviruses have places in my own blacklist.
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