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    JitzyJT gave kudos to Marcos in Manual update   
    About 6 hours during weekends. Anyways, streamed updates coupled with the LiveGrid reputation system ensure receiving newly added detections every few minutes.
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    JitzyJT received kudos from Aryeh Goretsky in Eset not detecting drive by download   
    Thanks again @Marcos

    That did it. I changed the scan action of IDM from "auto" to "scan" and ESET blocked it straight way. Tried with Chrome, Firefox, Edge Chromium (with microsoft store idm extension) and Brave browser. 

    ESET blocked the download on all four browsers.

    As for limiting the connections which I didn't have to do anyway so  I'm leaving it as it is.

    I'll keep looking if it'll happen again after changing the setting.

    Thank you for now!!!
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