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  1. Thank you @Marcos Dark theme looks awesome!!!
  2. Please bring a dark theme to the forum!!!!
  3. Cool !!! Does that mean all users under Ver 13 will get a free upgrade to the new release? @Marcos
  4. Thank you @Marcos So it's about every 6hrs during weekends for signature updates? What about during Mon-Fri?
  5. What's the update frequency for ESET to update it's module? It's been 4 hours since it last updated the signatures. Is this normal? I thought the frequency was every hour or two?
  6. Thank you @itman for all your valuable inputs you share in this forum. I did exactly what you mentioned and reverted everything back to default and the rule still works until the app gets updated. But now I know I can access the folder using a file manager and then copy the path name and then paste it on the Eset firewall module "Rules" tab. Thanks for telling me that. I wonder why I didn't think about that in the first place!!!! Now I don't have to change the permissions of Windows Apps folder every time the desired uwp app gets updated. @Marcos You can close this thread as I have the solution now.
  7. But I would really appreciate if ESET have a feature in their firewall module to deny access to running processes on user demand "permanently"
  8. Thank you @peteyt I followed the "Manual" instructions in that page and took ownership of the folder and it's contents. Now I can access it through ESET firewall to create rules.Don't even have to change to interactive mode in the firewall module. It works!!! Now I want to know if there is any security concern for taking ownership of the "Windows Apps" folder andit's contents since Windows didn't want to allow access by default.
  9. Thank you @Marcos I'll try that. I do know after each update the apps folder name changes and I have to do it again.
  10. Before ESET I have used Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Comodo. None of these apps could access the folder through explorer just like eset. BUT all these security solutions had an option to deny internet access "permanently" for a running process through their firewall module. I'm wondering if eset could do it as well. The workaround through network connections is only temporary
  11. Exactly @Marcos If i use a file manager or some space explorer apps I can access the folder and it's contents but not possible through explorer or from ESET. That's why I asked about denying access through the running process tab. But I need a permanent way to deny access for it
  12. Thank you @peteyt Yes I do use uwp apps and yes it will let me uninstall them. I use normal Windows "Apps & Features" setting to uninstall most of the apps. Some Windows own apps cannot be uninstalled like that. For that I use powershell commands. It's not a problem though. It's indeed a permission issue. I can access the folder through another app called Minitool Partition Wizard. But I get the "Access Denied" popup if I try to open the folder directly by going through my C drive or browse it through ESET.
  13. Is that the only way to block internet connection for running processes? Because when that process starts again it can access internet unless I do what you mentioned. I want to know if I can deny internet access for a process permanently. I'm the admin of my Windows account and I have admin rights and I can access any folders inside "Program Files" except for "Windows Apps" folder.
  14. Hello ESET, I would like to know how to deny internet access for a particular running process using eset firewall. I also would like to know how to deny internet access for a particular Microsoft Store app. The path leading to "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps" doesn't give permission to manually add them. Instead is it possible for firewall to block it from the running process? For example below is a screenshot of a store app running in the memory "Disney Magic Kingdoms" and the process name is "_dk_entrypoint_precompiled.exe". Now I can't block it the traditional way since the user have no access to the folder ("C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\DisneyMagicKingdoms") by default. So I want to know if I can block that process running in memory using eset firewall? Windows default firewall could do it.
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