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  1. "As I understand it, the March 12, 2014 updates to the US OFAC embargo against Iran" But ESET is not an American software company, how is it affected by this embargo? ESET is a European publisher, is what Europe applies the same rules? I can understand Mr Goretsky response as a US citizen, I have more trouble as a "representative" of a European editor.
  2. Does the toolbar "antispam"'ll be back soon in Thunderbird? Much more convenient than "wasting time" in the product interface. There had been a discussion there there's some time ago on the forum. Vigen.
  3. Thank you very much I was wrong. I thought it only affected version "current" ^^ Thank you very much for that. Have a nice day. Vigen.
  4. Hello rugk And thank you for taking the time to answer me. Yes, but if you show with these screenshots, in the case of the first capture shalt research is on Version 8, and if a newer version is present, eg 8002 instead of 8001 there 'get the update. But in the case of a new major version, such as the release of version 9.0, I do not think the update automatically'm from version 8, am I wrong? Vigen.
  5. Hello An option to update "automatically" to the latest version without having to download itself, the new .msi. Which avoids still be 7.0 when 9.0 is out .... Regards; Vigen.
  6. Good evening, In addition to an anti-keylogger, it could be interesting that through the HIPS, for example, it is integrating "default rules" preventing any software attempting unauthorized access to sensitive part of a browser (profile, password etc etc). And please, please, please, enhanced the parental control...it has too few functionalities. Regards; VigenTests
  7. Nevertheless, it is seen that a system of anti-keylogger is increasingly sought by users
  8. Hello, This is just in case, if a sample code with a particular offense can pass ... That the "Anti-Ransomware" routine manages the release of the explorer, the Appdata folders etc etc Regards; Vigen.
  9. Hello there, I agree with the developer, the interface .. It is not important, do you use the product with the launch interface permanently? The interface of ESET products, is a very good model of ergonomics. Concerning the evolution of version 8, I am surprised that additional protection against the Ransomware, is not included. (A function, for example, a specific remedy this kind of infection) I also regret that parental control is still bare. Regarding the "tray", the current icon is much more "serious" than the former. On the "pro" machine that's less "wacky". Regards; Vigen.
  10. Hello there, I wonder if those options are really necessary, given the performance of current processors and hard drives. Regards; VigenTests.
  11. Hello there I was just talking a feature prevent "listen" keystroke, not containing the bank details ... A good old "notebook" and a pencil case will "I love products that can protect us from "all known and unkown"" You know very well that all companies use marketing, Eset like others elsewhere In "Titan"? A destructive files, available in the context menu....An password manager, but with local back-up not in the cloud...An the ability to backup data And for the Kids an more complète parental control, in ESS is really minimalist does not allow much. VigenTests.
  12. Hello Mr SweX Yes you take "your" example Eset is a product of "public" users with different knowledge levels. Perhaps a "simple" system the comm did a German publisher with name starting with G ^ ^ is not a bad idea. No addon directly interact with the drivers .... But again, it is a shame that the Titan version is not sold in Europe. Shame is not the correct word, but....translation tools ^^ Reagrds, VigenTests.
  13. Maybe but I don't think other AV vendors have "ultimate anti-keylogger" or "ultimate anti-rootkit". Maybe it's just his fantasy. But i have to agree: It's not really feedback. Good evening, We should not underestimate the competitor .... Some are "anti keylogger" high performance systems. This is not because we appreciate a product that must be "blind" ... Compared to what is being done elsewhere ... " If your computer is clean from keyloggers, (and any other type of malware) and your browser is not hi-jacked in some way, and you connect to the bank..." It starts to do a lot of conditions, right? I do not think that all users on a daily basis, checks if a keylogger is present on their machine, and I can assure you that quite a "bypass" eset ... I regret all my heart that the version "Titan" is not available in Europe. I think eset deprives a buoyant market. Because the ability to encrypt important files, especially on a laptop, seems to me essential for safety as you will agree, protection password Windows session is largely insufficient. Fingers crossed for the Thunderbird addons are again consistent, it's still a shame not to be compatible with one of the most popular mail client. Sorry for the translation, perhaps approximate, but Eset does not have an "international" forum I use translation tools Regards; VigenTests.
  14. Hello; "This is an amazing head-start for ESET on safer global browsing for information." For my part I have the impression of being on a Yahoo!! homepage, for example^^ I do not see the added value for the end user, but perhaps it escapes me, and if someone kindly explain to me, I'm interested. "Design is incredible." Incredible??? It is not a little excessive anyway? You see, in another subject you tell me about the workload to create an international forum, but we can see here that a tool has "limited scope", have found resources. I'm not sure users really need a tool type, Yahoo or MSN page starting ... Regards; Vigen.
  15. Hello, I would like a full resolution of DNS names ... Not , but: www.Google.com ^ ^ Otherwise, the "name resolution" option in the network part have no meaning .... Regards; Vigen.
  16. Hello Arakasi Proper configuration of HIPS and all problems are solved This avoids having to install a second scanner Regards; Vigen.
  17. Its a fork of Kaspersky internet security 2015 gui??? More seriously, The current interface seems to me fairly complete, and all the functions and activities are visible, why would absolutely transform the candy store software for Win 8? All users of ESET products are not all need to do in Win 8, the current interface seems a good compromise between the various operating system yet supported. If Eset chose a "Metro" interface, then it would, like all these competitors, therefore, difficult to stand out.
  18. But..Eset is an anti-spyware application to...^^
  19. Hello, Iam agree with that: "neither of which change or represent the software functionality though, which is what is important to me." In my opinion, the interface of the product has reached a certain "maturity", I do not think it is important to retouched. Regards, Vigen.
  20. Hello Mr Goretsky Yes, I know, I'm one of the few "fanatic" to have read the entire manual ^^. It was just a bit of nostalgia! I wish you a pleasant day. Regards; Vigen.
  21. Hello, This is just my opinion, but the current icon, made ​​more "serious". The Eset customer does not consist exclusively of "gamers", Of course, we do not judge the quality of a product's interface, but it gives an idea of his involvement in the "finishing". I very much regret it And this: Lighter, and efficient Regards; Vigen.
  22. Hello, Yes, I wrote this post before I had your answer. Thanks. Regards, Vigen.
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