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  1. I have forbidden arts in "parental control", I made exceptions for youtube.com but video not start. WHY?
  2. it's not possible ?or if you know any variant for guest account ?browser extensions?UAC?
  3. hi How with parental control activate i stop download from internet only download it is posible ?
  4. only big problem is pre relase update but now is gone with Marcos fix ! Now i wait tests too see ESET no.1 in world ! #piroxicam you are fan KIS or B ?
  5. It has blocked access to this site hxxp:// www.kmplayer.com/ official link download ? if there are problems to uninstall !
  6. Why windows firewall and not ESET FIREWALL ? Block telemetry with ESET FIREWALL. I wait new ESS when is ready ?
  7. #Marcos where is this setting ? In local C ,Modules folder have 600 MB. I installed after I uninstalled and I saved 8 Gb,why ESS consume this "enorm" space of HDD/SSD ?
  8. Please check this site hxxp://satvb-team.co...ead.php?t=20186, I have a friend who has registered in that forum and now is desperate that not can sign in in your Yahoo ID !!! Phishing site???
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