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  1. Hello Martin, Thank you for your prompt response. Indeed the reports seem to be objects which inherit everything as I was duplicating reports until now and only changing their access group. When I created a brand new report as administrator into the respective restricted access group, the user was then able to see it. Although not perfect, I believe I can work with that. While I was testing this I discovered that for reports which I want duplicated (in order to avoid creating them manually for every new user/access group), I can simply export them, log in with a test user whi
  2. Hello, I am using ESMC 7.2 and I am trying to create a permission set which should be used to restrict user access only to a single static group. Everything seems to be working as expected, except reports. I am selecting the static group X as home group for a test user, and I am setting the same group as 'Static Group' during the Permission set creation. As for active permissions I allowed read/use for Groups & Computers and read/use/write for Reports & Dashboards and Server Tasks & Triggers -> Generate report. With the configuration above, I would expect that the
  3. Hello, Could you share any release notes/change log for version 8? I was not able to find anything online. Thank you in advance!
  4. Just a quick update on this. Since you mentioned the Agent policy I did some testing and I understood what was wrong. The ERA proxy has to be added to the server list instead of the HTTP proxy section. Additionally, unlike the HTTP proxy, the ERA proxy actually needs a management agent installed in order to forward the communication. I implemented the changes above and the communication between systems on the old server and our new ESMC server started immediately. The component upgrade task also worked and the systems communicate with our HTTP proxy as soon as they are upgraded. Tha
  5. Hello Martin, Thank you for your response. Indeed we entered the ERA proxy details in the HTTP Proxy section of the Management Agent policy (ERA version Version 6.5 (6.5.522.0)). All sections there have a note that these settings are applicable only for 7+ agents which I would expect as only agent 7+ can use the HTTP proxy. Should we configure the ERA proxy somewhere else? Indeed upgrading the agent is also an option as we upgraded one device locally and it started communicating with the new server. However the component upgrade task requires an upgrade of the entire ERA infrastructu
  6. Hello, We are trying to migrate endpoints from a remote ERA server to our existing ESMC server which is in another geographical location. Since the endpoints can't communicate with the ESMC directly we've set up an HTTP proxy in DMZ. We've tested the proxy with some test devices and it is working. Now we want to start transferring devices from the old ERA server however we've encountered few issues along the way. Since the ERA server manages Agents 6.x they can't communicate with the HTTP proxy directly. In order to resolve this we've installed an ERA proxy on the same server where
  7. Hello, I ran the "security management center components upgrade task" task against the ESMC server and it completed successfully. However when I go to the 'About' section I can still see that the server is on version 7.1.717 while I would expect it to be on 7.1.27 as this is the latest version. Could you point us to the log files we can check about the outcome of this task?
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