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  1. Avast bought AVG (merged together) in 2016
  2. I stopped using it since they went to Avast and their servers got infected somehow with the move, I never use it again. here is another post : https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/software/avast-and-avg-firefox-extensions-pulled-from-mozilla-addons-site/
  3. Ok thank you very much , I will just wait for the advanced machine learning settings that came to the endpoints and consumer products , it would be much useful for 0-day threats or never seen before threats.
  4. Does that apply also to File Security ? , and it would be very nice addition the advanced machine learning settings for File Security , because too much files would just come through the servers.
  5. AMD uses this probably to determine if your GPU/CPU is able to run the game properly , or receives some kind of information for the game configuration from sysreqlab
  6. It would be much useful to know that the RDP is being brute-forced , and much more if the attempts would be blocked till the user apply any kind of other prevention like firewall or changing password or account lock-out.
  7. This is very interesting and I like this , and I do believe also that this will come to consumer product also. It's also good for RDS servers(file server) where you can put the setting to aggressive mode , because many people who just use RDP , don't know what they are doing actually.
  8. It's now detected by ESET : Win32/Filecoder.NZG In my opinion what needs to be improved is the machine learning and HIPS , but I am not expert like those who program at ESET for sure , also as SeriousHoax said , Application Manager and Reputation(rep is already there) , to be combined with everything , so the AI could try to decide if this app is trying to do malicious things or it's not. But I could be mistaken , I don't know , but also as ITman said , nothing is 100% safe.
  9. Did you test it ? and had different results? (I'm just curious to know)
  10. Wondering if Smart makes any differences , Policy / Interactive should prompt you for allowing or denying the actions I think. , I never tried.
  11. I think it's because he copied and pasted from another link , recently malwarebytes have lost it's reputation that it built time ago , I stopped trusting them , for security products I would go for 3 of these , ESET , Kaspersky , HitmanPro(as a second opinion scanner)
  12. So it does sandbox the file and run it inside and see what is result? and then determine the file?
  13. Do you think your computer has been infected somehow ? , so it could be a malware that attempted to remove ESET and corrupt everything? Did you try to see with ESET Online Scanner https://www.eset.com/int/home/online-scanner/ If some malware is hiding inside your PC?
  14. I remember when it used to be a registry entry , one line would disable the whole protection..
  15. I understand that , XP is obsolete these days. , but I understand that you have some needs that is why you stick with this system.
  16. It's much recommended to move on from Windows XP , to some Windows that is currently supported by Microsoft.
  17. Yes and it might hurt the image of the AV company even though he doesn't explain exactly how his test is done , and what has been disabled and what not, it's right what you say my friend.
  18. Yes indeed but he gives the AVs a different test from different perspective even though he disabled some layers to get them inside the computer and then ran them while realtime is running , he somehow in someway , tests how much powerful is the real-time protection. not overall the security solution
  19. Yes I understand but sometimes you have cases where the files that you do are private to the company that you work with and it's hard to upload them for analyzing , but I understand it's bad for the AI system , same to what happened to Kaspersky and the American gov went crazy about it and blamed them for stealing data , while their AV saw that some files are suspicious and sent it to their AI. I know it's so important to get files sent by users , because that will make the system stronger and more accurate and faster.
  20. It's the same thing of disabling the multi-layer protection that the AV is having , but still Windows Defender doesn't do good without it's cloud , although one of the videos Windows Defender missed lot of threats , including one from Windows XP days that would give you the same error message over and over.
  21. As far as I remember , Kaspersky has done the best among all. But honestly for me I don't really care , I am happy with ESET , and if bad things will happen , it will happen even if Zeus himself is protecting my computer. The best security practice is to disconnect the PC from network
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