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  1. If you are using a VPN which is using a shared IP and not dedicated IP Address for you , it could be the reason you are prompted to do a lot of Captcha If not then you should contact your ISP and explain to them what is happening, because it's their IP that is being used excessively to access different websites.
  2. Rami

    Can anyone post...

    Well if you don't know what you are doing , don't do it, and that's the way to test an antivirus , you get a testing environment which can be physical or virtual , and you do test things on it. You go with Virtual because it's easier to manage , or go back to snapshots and etc It's not crazy to get a ransomware on an empty machine , that ESET might block it or not , both ways you have nothing to lose because it's an empty machine made for testing, and not your personal computer or your job computer. Well it's not religion where you pray to be protected , it's different here , you can't know if your AV is working unless you put it under the test , which what novice wants, if you don't know how to manage a virtual machine or test your AntiVirus please keep your words to yourself because they are useless. The 'super' videos you see on YouTube or the testing videos that get posted by Marcos , they are all done in Virtual Machines , If you don't know how to test or manage a Virtual Machine , just don't do it , and don't annoy me with your pointless reply. It's explained/more detailed here on how to set up a virtual machine and test your AV , https://malwaretips.com/threads/how-to-set-up-vm-for-malware-testing-my-method.40159/ and here : https://blog.storagecraft.com/how-to-optimize-vm-malware-testing/ Again if you don't know what you are doing , Please don't do it , and do it on your own RISK , I am not responsible for anything. Testing machines should be ISOLATED from the HOST machine.
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    Can anyone post...

    It is possible to test it by yourself , all you need to do is create a Virtual Machine and install Windows XP or your desired operating system whether it was 10 or XP , install ESET , isolate it from the network (not connected to your physical PC) , Get a ransomware , infect your machine , see if ESET blocks it or not. I found this : https://www.knowbe4.com/ransomware-simulator
  4. You could download ESET with call/sms filter from here : https://support.eset.com/kb6563
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    Spammer here

    That's weird, All I've asked you is how did you configure AppArmor to work with ESET v4 , by the way your v4 is being denied from working properly by AppArmor , because I have the same problem and same operating system , not trying really to spam you , I don't really care about your posts.. or about you. It's a forum you know for discussions , it's normal to get a reply from another user , otherwise ask your question in private message , and you are asking the staff to ban me because I did reply to your topic? That sounds weird. All I have done is I am trying to figure out what people do with their Ubuntu and AppArmor with ESET because they are not compatible with eachother and ESET is being denied to access most of the locations so the AV is a failure for Linux , because it cannot gain access to access any kind of a folder/file that is being protected by AppArmor So If a malware decides to hide itself under AppArmor , so it will never be scanned touched by ESET You are acting like a kid.
  6. It's not both developers responsibility to make the program with the other program unless they are cooperating with eachother with MBAM v2 it wasn't the 'antivirus replacement' , MBAM v3 is sold as 'antivirus replacement' so most likely it will conflict with any other AVs
  7. Okay , report back if it helps or not , I think it goes fine until the next day , that means you do reboot the PC or turn it on again? , maybe the drivers load again and the CPU spikes again
  8. Is it possible to test it within a desktop environment that do use Ubuntu ? , instead of the troubling v4 with AppArmor It should run the same , I think it would be far improvement than the old-dated v4 , and they are both work in the same way I think , they are only scanners , same as v4 , but alteast File Security should be up-to date. I'm tired of AppArmor and V4 ..
  9. What is sure for me that Malwarebytes will cause troubles if it's set to scan as real-time with ESET realtime engine , because both of them will try to claim the file and scan it , and it might cause false positives because if one of them gets hold of the file first , the other cannot access it and might report a false positive about it, so that might be the cause of high CPU usage , because it might be that ESET is always trying to scan the files while MB prevents it Try to close all of the features that MalwareBytes provides and open them one by one and see what makes the CPU spikes (Real-Time Scanning should be disabled), and for Ransomware protection , I think ESET can protect you from Ransomware , but if you want more layers of security , just disable all of the features and enable them one by one and see what makes the difference or the spikes and keep it disabled. I do remember when Malwarebytes v2 used to work just fine , in v3 they introduced many different things , in their websites they claim that MB is smarter than the antivirus because AVs are traditional and slow to react to new threats because they are dumb , according to them that they work in ways that can identify 0-day threats which most of these techniques are used by AVs companies , but what I wanted to say that V3 was meant to replace the traditional Antivirus , so a sure thing it will make conflicts with ESET or any other AV that do run in real-time.
  10. I do believe that Firefox with uBlock origin and https everywhere with ESET Web Blocking is enough for blocking crazy pages Try these and disable Malwarebytes real-time scanning and see if there is any difference, try to use HitmanPRO (not free) if you would like to switch to another on-demand scanner.
  11. For most of the times ESET was enough for me , But if you are paranoid you can take a look at HitmanPro
  12. If you are looking to use Malwarebytes you should consider disabling real-time scanning because ESET is already doing that , if both of them are running as real-time protection they will make conflicts with eachother or do any other bugs If you would like to keep using Malwarebytes , you should consider running it as on-demand scanner and not as real-time.
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    Very slow updates

    No it's not related to your question , it's a general question , because Ubuntu do use AppArmor , and ESET and AppArmor are not compatible/conflicts with eachother. I do use ESET and Ubuntu , but AppArmor keeps blocking it , I thought you've done some kind of workaround to it.
  14. Rami

    Very slow updates

    @fidelius2 , Do you disable AppArmor or you run ESET along?
  15. Hello, I have a feedback about a minor change but it would help a lot , when there is a computer scan and a detected threat in the log , it should be colored other than Yellow/Orange maybe red so it can be noticed faster rather than searching the whole log for it Thanks.
  16. I do believe the detection happened because the malicious file acted in a way that ESET did detect that it was malicious so it was stopped , according to the video , the file was scanned without being cleaned yet ESET didn't detect anything on this file , once it ran , ESET did sense or detect some kind of malicious activity so it was stopped while it's not connected to LiveGrid so it's something that depends on how ESET did read the application and how it did re-act to it
  17. @tommy456, Have you contacted the store that you have bought the license key from?
  18. They will be able to help you with the license only if you have bought it directly from ESET , if you have bought it from any other retailer then they will send you to contact the retailer but I think they will give you the reason for why the license-key got blocked/banned.
  19. Weird , could it be related to the UK servers only?
  20. Contact ESET support through the GUI of the program , so they can have all of the details you want from there and explain to you why this has happened so you can contact the one you bought the cd-key from and explain to them what happened.
  21. You don't have the password to unlock the laptop again ? , like any unlocking features included or any unlock button is there? Can you use the Windows or it's locked by ESET? , try to add a phantom password through your my eset if it's possible from there , I never use Anti-Theft so I am not really experienced with it.
  22. You can't add the laptop again to your ESET account right?
  23. Well after MBAM went to v3 and went downhill I never knew which way I should go , so I have stayed with ESET without any other software. So what is the recommendation ? , HitmanPro ? or Adwcleaner ? or whatever else
  24. I used to do that when I want to get the new version , I would receive the P version and then check again for updates then I will be prompted for ESET upgrade , I would do the upgrade and then go back and roll to Stable channel , so the P would be rolled back to normal.