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  1. eset.invisionmanaged.net - DNS Request does get blocked as Newly Observed Domain
  2. I won't provide any logs no worries , I will not send anything to anyone in Private Messages , I will just post here the link that got blocked by Forti's filters once it happens. Thank you
  3. Once it happens again I will report what has been blocked exactly , but in the recent few months it happened few times , I don't know if any of ESET's domains gets blocked or Invision domains , but I will do once that happens for sure.
  4. Hello From time to time , Fortinet do block ESET forum as a Newly Registered Domain or Newly Observed Domain Or another message I get that is this address has been blocked by DNS filter (Forti's Filter) without any Category filtering or what did that occur(different block message other than the first one) , and then after about some hours it just goes away It happens from time to time , not daily , what is getting blocked not the forum.eset.com , but those behind it or the nameservers I just don't know , I don't have precisely what gets blocked but it seems that one of the domains that is being used by invision behind the scenes , once I get the block message again I will provide with logs. I know that is Fortinet's problem but I thought I report it to you guys. Thank you.
  5. Exactly : A restart is needed in order to complete the cleaning process , Do you want to restart now? - That's the translation.
  6. I've reported a similiar problem with ESET Mobile Security which was set to run for example at 5AM , it would just run one hour before or half an hour later , it wasn't precise with timing due to some kind problem , I didn't get an answer by anyone and I've stopped looking at that bug I don't know if it's related to both products.
  7. If I am not mistaken this is the BTCWare , Avast have a decryptor for that , give it a try : https://blog.avast.com/avast-releases-decryptor-tool-for-btcware-ransomware
  8. ESET is known for being light since the first version it was released when other AVs was plaguing and killing the machines like Norton in the XP days. I believe ESET is still doing the same thing , staying light till this day. that might be the decision of saving the "15-26MB" of RAM.
  9. I believe your version is not currently supported , this is the 10v that is supported which has a Basic Support status , I believe updating to a more recent version of ESET would have your problem fixed.
  10. ESET Internet Security does have a firewall included so that's why GlassWire firewall is disabled , so they won't conflict with eachother , you need to remove GlassWire firewall , If you would like to keep using it , then you will need to switch Internet Security for Antivirus.
  11. Brave is not supported by ESET as far as I know. Supported browsers are Firefox , Chrome and Edge and mostly Internet Explorer.
  12. Thank you @Serial.com Edson , that's why I gave up looking for help or trying to configure it , I am still using it because I have the license but I know it's half functioning but it's okay but I find it crazy that it's still not fixed because most of the Linux distributions use SELinux or AppArmor , so that might be a reason for the low usage of the Linux version. because no one will go ahead and shutdown AppArmor/SELinux unless there is something that forces the choice.
  13. I believe even after configuring AppArmor to allow ESET , ESET is still having troubles for some reason , I think it does need to be updated to work with AppArmor , to support it, an AV shouldn't disable a security feature of an Operating System in order for it to work properly, It's crazy to think that you need to shutdown a security layer that protects your system files in order for your Anti-Virus to work properly, I believe ESET should work alongside AppArmor/SELinux.
  14. I've asked about that months ago , but still no replies , you will be ignored because not that many use the Linux Desktop Version , as it's not a priority for ESET to fix it For firewall you could just run UFW with ESET , but still ESET is being denied from accessing lot of files by AppArmor , so I don't believe it's really doing it's job.
  15. Disabling fast boot in your BIOS has fixed the issue? , that's weird If I do remember correctly I have Fast Boot enabled and I don't have this problem.
  16. Hello , Duplicate icons on the status bar Ubuntu Mate 18.04 LTS
  17. Argh , I see , I didn't know that I have never used an Apple product hehe. Thanks for telling me.
  18. Indeed I understand that it will prompt you for a password each time you try to access any of the settings which was made that way inorder to prevent unauthorized changes by someone else , but it's good if you set up all of the configs that you want and then it's time for eset to run quiet in the background , then you go a for a password if you feel like you need to protect eset from someone who takes control over the PC , whether it was someone through RDP , or someone using your computer , etc...
  19. I guess that if you password protect your settings in ESET it will prompt you to put your password once you try to uninstall it, it's my guessing , I don't know I might be wrong , correct me if I am wrong If your PC is accepting RDP connection from outside without any rules for access then it's open for anyone to try and attack it , so once the person who is brute forcing the RDP got access , then he is the admin just like you (assuming that you do have an admin account) , so he has the ability to do whatever he pleases in your system, it's not ESET fault.
  20. Importing and exporting the config doesn't help in your case? Try to make a virtual machine and install Smart Security , import the config and see if it works well , remove the VM , and install it on your physical PC Or maybe there is an option as upgrade where you download the installer and you just install and the installer will just upgrade the Internet Security to Smart Security , maybe I don't know. If I am not wrong, ESET Smart Security is just the same as Internet Security with just added 1 or 2 features more than the Internet Security , so they should be identical to eachother , where your config doesn't have rules for the other 2 features where that won't make a problem , If I am correct.
  21. Is that backup includes the cache in the Browsers? , Did you check all of the apps that you have that none of them looks suspicious ? I don't know if ESET is available in iOS , if not try to use another scanner that is available on AppStore and let it deep scan your phone and see if it catches anything , maybe you could know the source of JS/Adware.Agent.AA
  22. I believe you could also block Edge's Camera Access in Windows Settings ( Privacy Settings ) , over there you have options to block/allow applications to use different things.
  23. @nour, It is because ESET is always trying to get access to some kind of files and it's always being denied by AppArmor , so the log will never stop generating the error messages caused by AppArmor Almost most of the linux dists now do use AppArmor or SELinux , I think the Linux Desktop Edition is failing to deliver what ESET normally delivers for other operating systems It works , like if you throw at it samples , it will be detected , but I don't know for how long or what happens behind AppArmor protection , can ESET reach over there? , can ESET scan a something behind AppArmor ?
  24. You could download ESET with call/sms filter from here : https://support.eset.com/kb6563
  25. Is it possible to test it within a desktop environment that do use Ubuntu ? , instead of the troubling v4 with AppArmor It should run the same , I think it would be far improvement than the old-dated v4 , and they are both work in the same way I think , they are only scanners , same as v4 , but alteast File Security should be up-to date. I'm tired of AppArmor and V4 ..
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