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  1. dwomack, Thank you so much. I always trust your shares. Did it per your share, and, now have a new pw. It appears I had already changed my email addy. Fine. Happy! Happy! Duncan
  2. OK. I have not visited in some time. Today I view a warning that the ESET Security Forum was hacked, and, that I should 'change my password.' Fine. How do I do this? I have viewed 'My Profile.' I have viewed 'My Settings.' Do not see any 'Change Password' selection/logic! So, I decide to log OUT, and, log back ON, BUT, click the 'Forgotten PW link. YOU ask me for either my UserName, or, my email address. Fine. I type in 'cosmo32' and try to continue. YOU roll the screen over and tell me 'The Security Code I shared did not match. I give up!!!! If YOU decide to upgrade and/or change your us
  3. OK, Dwomack, I'll share. How did I find the Eset Security Forum? Well, mostly because it was 'advertised' so hard on its' Wilders Security forum space! I figured that ESET decided to go it alone. As a long time ESET user, I moved and registered my self here. I am still stumbling around here at ESF, but, I'll figure it all out in time. What OS am I using? I am still using WinXPpro SP3. Yes, do have and will upgrade to Win7pro/64bit in due time (another project!). Prior to XP, I used Win 2000 SP4 to its' total demise. What heartbreak that caused. My Windows history goes back to Win 3.1 an
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