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  1. dwomack, Thank you so much. I always trust your shares. Did it per your share, and, now have a new pw. It appears I had already changed my email addy. Fine. Happy! Happy! Duncan
  2. OK. I have not visited in some time. Today I view a warning that the ESET Security Forum was hacked, and, that I should 'change my password.' Fine. How do I do this? I have viewed 'My Profile.' I have viewed 'My Settings.' Do not see any 'Change Password' selection/logic! So, I decide to log OUT, and, log back ON, BUT, click the 'Forgotten PW link. YOU ask me for either my UserName, or, my email address. Fine. I type in 'cosmo32' and try to continue. YOU roll the screen over and tell me 'The Security Code I shared did not match. I give up!!!! If YOU decide to upgrade and/or change your user authentication business without FIRST explaining same to your users, YOU have created an unfortunate 'Catch-22' situation (at least for me!) What is the security code I have zero knowledge about? I would love to change my password, but, I can not get through your password change minefield. Duncan H. Sinclair (cosmo32)
  3. OK, Dwomack, I'll share. How did I find the Eset Security Forum? Well, mostly because it was 'advertised' so hard on its' Wilders Security forum space! I figured that ESET decided to go it alone. As a long time ESET user, I moved and registered my self here. I am still stumbling around here at ESF, but, I'll figure it all out in time. What OS am I using? I am still using WinXPpro SP3. Yes, do have and will upgrade to Win7pro/64bit in due time (another project!). Prior to XP, I used Win 2000 SP4 to its' total demise. What heartbreak that caused. My Windows history goes back to Win 3.1 and MS-DOS 2.0. I do not program. During my career with Xerox, I met many very sharp programmers, and, decided I was much better on the hdw side of the equation. What AV am I using? Only ESET since about late 2006. I started at v2-something. Then I read a tutorial by BlackSpear that helped me install the first 'busness' version of V2 on my new (used) server; and old ServerWorks Intel STL2 with a pair of P3-1000 tualatin/Copperming cpus. But, it had a 5x 18GB SCSI2 caged RAID module! Wow! smokin'. That server served me (getting vdef files from ESET) until ESET put V2 to bed. Sad. I've tried V5bus, V6bus, and Endpoint-bus, but can not get the sw to create, manage, update a 'mirror' area, and service my LAN clients. Maybe later, I'll try again. For now, I run v5 Endpoint, and am testing V6.314 sw on a 'test' machine. It works completely solid. Thank you ESET. My current license runs to 2015; at which time I plan to renew for another 3yr block. I am a chroic ESET fanatic! And, I've tried them all. I even got my older brother and younger sister to join ESET! A family coup! As Dwomack mentioned, I might be another 'tired' musician. I started with a tenor trombone in 7th grade (Jr High School in North Carolina). Once I metriculated to High School, 'Good Ole' Ed Bensen' suggested I should try Bass Trombone. OK. It stuck, 4 years of High School, 3 years of the Asheville Symphony, and 1 year of East Carolina University, I was done with Music Education study. Dropped out of school, joined the USArmy and got taught all manner of high-energy electronics (RADAR). All that learning lead to a 33 year career with Xerox Corp working on their hi-speed computer printing systems. Bought a Bass Guitar in 1970, a Gibson EB3, and just gave it to my nephew for his HS graduation! So, my music is now listen to web-radio, or, my 35 year old vinyl collection (another story!). Been in and out of the 'stereo wars.' Xerox ended with a layoff in 2002. I retired in 2003. Just now at 65 I maintain my home LAN and cut the grass at my paid off home in the Peach State. ESET keeps me clean. I like that. Do so hope this informs, Duncan
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