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  1. Connection parameters (and other configuration options) are set during installation, so these settings were not changed from initial setup. Once policy is applied it stays in configuration (some of our products have a feature that policy removal restores original settings, MDM does not have this feature).

    ERA/ESMC will not try to do something behind scenes without user approval, so no worries.

    Actually we will create improvement for newer versions so some connection settings are taken from Agent as it does not make sense/is misleading to configure this separately.

  2. Well, if you're changing subnet and Agents are deployed in a way they contact server via IP adress, You will need to reconfigure both Agents and MDM (as I previously pointed out MDM also has server connection settings in it's policy).

    If you're using IP address for MDM device endpoint You will loose connectivity from all enrolled devices and will need to re-enroll those.

    if You're using DNS names and DNS entires are correctly updated (or traffic is forwarded from some other endpoint) in both cases subnet change should work without issues.

    As for last connection time, I believe some data related to devices are sent over Agent next to MDM, with last connection time being one of those (which means Agent is configured properly, however MDM can't connect to server as noted in OP)



  3. Hello,

    I guess we would need logs (in this case those in proxy directory) in trace severity. However as far as I'm aware MDM should not care where server is - MDM only cares about device endpoint which must remain the same - so this is likely connectivity/firewall issue.

    Some data are sent/received over Agent installed next to MDM. Device data are sent over MDM proxy component (for which connection can be configured in MDM policy.



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