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  1. Hello, Can you please provide output of 7.1 Agent's Diagnostic.exe action 5) - ActionDumpRegistryKeys. Dump product's registry keys. This should have been fixed in late 7.0 and 7.1, however as we realized only for english installations. If You used localized UI installation or TRANSFORMS=":insert language here" argument of installer in the previous installation the issue is still possible. Please note that Self Defense will prevent creating diagnostic data inside Agent directories so output should be set somewhere not protected. HTH, M.
  2. Hello, Anroid devices should by default "poll" MDM server every 20-30 minutes even if they don't have "work to do". As this seems like EESA issue I suggest raising ticket over built-in funcionality in EESA - there is menu option to send customer care incident which will include logs. Customer care should reach you out if more logs are required. HTH, M.
  3. I'm not aware of command line tool to edit policies, and policies are somewhat blackbox so supporting such tool would take some effort which isn't my decision to make. Please post suggestion into customer feedback or contact Your local customer care. HTH.
  4. There is ServerAPI which allows for some level of automation. I believe we have pythonian interface for it as well, however unsure if it's published (if you are interested in it I'll check with guys who created it if it's in stable enough state to be published). Last but not least there is customer feedback topic which is watched by PMs. HTH.
  5. Unsure we can solve this here, better option would be customer care ticket Some possible issues preventing new certificate being applied coming to mind. - connectivity between MDM management Agent and Server (policy was not applied) - you have some devices enrolled into MDM which causes previous certificate being still used. You can enforce immediate certificate switch via timeout in policy (next to HTTPS certificate upload in policy editor). Premature change could however break connectivity for devices which don't manage to update their trust settings with MDM server. What is possible is "-in" openssl argument of pkcs12 works differently across different openssl versions and didn't actually add chain (but only certificate). Please verify that there are 3 certificates printed out with "openssl pkcs12 -in yourpkcs12.pfx" HTH, M.
  6. Hello, Your chain is missing root CA - in this case it's "DST Root CA X3". https://www.identrust.com/dst-root-ca-x3 You can simply append it to your chain and convert to PFX again. For "simplicity" we decided both root CA and chain have to be in configured PKCS#12 (PFX) as most customers use ESMC generated certificates. This added some overhead for those who have their certificates signed by third party certification authorities as those usually don't include root CA (there is no reason to for them) in files they provide to their customers. HTH, M.
  7. Hello, Please upload fullchain.pem. I'll determine which root CA is missing (one vendor can have multiple CA) and write here step by step guide. M.
  8. Hello, MDC requires root CA certificate (and entire chain) within PFX file (Certificate authorities usually don't add their root CA). You'll need to convert PFX to PEM, append CA certificate to this PEM and convert it back to PFX. This is required due to fact we need to install root CA onto devices and we have no idea if there is pre-established trust. This changed on v7 where having root CA in windows certificate store was "good enough".
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