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  1. Or login with user which actually has rights to access database. Note that windows authentication for MSSQL also requires special upgrade procedure (user performing upgrade should be same as user who installed product, which might be ... difficult) HTH, M
  2. It just seem like invalid link on partner list. Certificate is issued to eset.ro (not nod32.ro) while both DNS entires lead to same IP.
  3. Hello, Device ID in MDM database is pseudorandom due to google privacy policy (unless device is enrolled in Device Owner mode). To remove device from MDM run stop managing task wait a few minutes (due to replication), EESA should be uninstalled if device still has connectivity. It should be safe then to remove device from ESMC console. Devices which receive stop managing task have DeEnrollmentFlag set to 1 in Device table (I believe since 7.0 version) if there's a quirk and it's not removed automatically. HTH, M.
  4. Hello, There is an improvement tracked for this, however I can't say if it will be next released version. M.
  5. Hello, Currently there is only workaround. You will have to decode QR code provided by WebConsole, add line into json "android.app.extra.PROVISIONING_LEAVE_ALL_SYSTEM_APPS_ENABLED": "true" and encode into QR code again. Google by default disables system application with DO enrollment. HTH, M.
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