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    Carl Seiler gave kudos to Marcos in Multiple connections with identical agent id   
    Please try sending a Reset cloned agent task to a machine with duplicate UUID:

    Should the problem persist, please raise a support ticket.
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    Carl Seiler gave kudos to Marcos in Disable Windows Defender before installing ESET Endpoint?   
    Windows disables Defender real-time protection automatically as soon as a 3rd party real-time protection registers to the Windows Security Center.
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    Carl Seiler gave kudos to root in Endpoint antispam seems to be moving emails back to inbox   
    We suspect this is known issue starting from already nonexistent ver 2051. We experienced this nightmare at the very beginning of July. According to some opinions of other users in v 2057  this problem has not been solved (we do not decided to run antispasmodic option unless is finally fixed). Your post looks to confirm that eset is still working on a solution
    Up to ver 2046 anti spam was working properly.  Maybe Marcos will give us any updated info 
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    Carl Seiler gave kudos to MarcFL in HELP !! No Internet after Update to 13.2.18   
    Resolved - the long way:  I restored an backup image.  The 13.2.18 update was prepared but not installed.  I went into Eset advanced settings and disabled Protocol Filtering*.  Then uninstalled Eset and rebooted.   Installed 13.2.18 using the offline installer and internet is working again. 
    *Could not do this with a fresh install of 13.2.18 because you can't get into settings without registering and you can't register without internet.  You can't even activate evaluation without internet.
    Not happy Eset.
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