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Endpoint antispam seems to be moving emails back to inbox

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Using 9.1.2057.0 Endpoint under Windows 10 pro and Outlook 365 version 2208 Build 15601.0088 with Microsoft 365 Exchange.  When we mark items with ESET as spam, they move to Junk Email folder, and get marked as [SPAM] .  A few seconds later, they pop up in the Inbox without the [SPAM] tag.  They are being moved by some process back into the Inbox.

It is only readily observable on one user's account (who gets a lot of spam), and it seems as though it has been happening since upgrading to version 9.1.2051.0, but could have been happening longer as they only reported it to me recently.

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We suspect this is known issue starting from already nonexistent ver 2051. We experienced this nightmare at the very beginning of July. According to some opinions of other users in v 2057  this problem has not been solved (we do not decided to run antispasmodic option unless is finally fixed). Your post looks to confirm that eset is still working on a solution

Up to ver 2046 anti spam was working properly.  Maybe Marcos will give us any updated info 

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Endpoint v9.1.2057 doesn't re-scan / touch emails in the Junk folder. If they are moved from the Junk folder to inbox without your knowledge, it must be that another device with access to the mailbox has an older version of Endpoint installed.

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A little experimentation with 9.1.2057:  Marked messages as SPAM. They go to Junk Email folder. Turned off anti-spam feature in ESET on that one client.  They don't go back to Inbox after waiting several minutes.

If there is some other process that is unmarking and moving them back to the Inbox, it appears it is turning off when I turn off the Anti-spam feature of ESET.



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