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  1. Hi @Marcos, do you have any feedback regarding my logs which i had uploaded?
  2. Hi Marcos, sorry for my late reply. Please find the new logs attached. eea_logs.zip
  3. Please find the logs attached. I have sent you the password via PM. eea_logs.zip
  4. Okay, but with v6 i dont get this errors. Here some more screenshots. Since last wednesday (14.11.) i have the same situation: The icon in the taskbar is doing the "scanning rotation" (like a radar) and there is written "Module upgrade in progress..." Also ESET Endpoint antivirus is showing "Updating product..." but the last successfull update was 19/11/2018 accorting to the "Update-Section": But as shown in the logs it still has the bad link to update server issue and is not showing that the detection engine has succesfully been updated. With v6 all is running smooth. Thank you for your help.
  5. It's because the ESET Kernel Dedection engine is updating but Update module not. Between 14/11/ and 16/11/ the update icon was circling the whole time. Only after a reboot the detection engine is updated sometimes.
  6. Hello togehter, as many of us i am currently in the migration phase from v6 to v7. Our environment is running an ESET Proxy at each location. I have done the migration steps as described in this KB article. Everyhting went quite well, the main server has been upgraded to ESET Management Center, the proxys as well as the policies have been reconfigured and our agents have been upgraded. The issue is, that when it comes to the upgrade of ESET Endpoint Antivirus to v7, the client is not updating the modules anymore. It seems that the detection engine can be updated, but not the modules of Endpoint Antivirus. With Endpoint Version 6.6.... everything is working fine. Do i need to do some reconfiguration of the endpoint policies? They have been configured to use the proxy servers for upgrades. I can not find anything regarding the endpoint policies in the ESET KB, only for the agent policies. Current config, which is working with Endpoint Antivirus v6.6... but not with v7.0...: Thank you very much. Regards PALPS
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