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    Palps received kudos from Peter Randziak in Upgrade v6 to v7 Installation Error   
    @T3chGuy007 I had the same issue for each update of the Agent version sind the beginning of v6. Every time I have contacted the support but they couldn't help.
    I have figured out, that the HIPS Module is blocking the deletion/stop of the process ERAAgent.exe and the service EraAgentSVC. So as a result the agent cannot be updated.
    Currently I am doing the upgrade to EMA 7.0.577.0 and EEA 7.0.2100.4. For this I have changed the default policy for all clients, so that HIPS is disabled but not shown as Critical on the device itself, so that the users are not getting confused. Then I am waiting until they have rebootet and trying to do the Agent update from time to time. As soon as HIPS is disabled and a reboot has been done, the Security Management Center Components Upgrade task is working like a charm because the process and the service is not secured by the HIPS anymore.
    I have figured this out by myself as the support was never able to help me. Currently we are considering to switch to another AV solution.

    (Disabled HIPS)

    (Change application statuses)

    (Disable to show the issues on the client)
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    Palps received kudos from Peter Randziak in ESET Endpoint Antivirus not updating anymore since upgrade to v7   
    I just wanted to confirm Zoltans info.
    EEA 7.0.2100.4 is working without any issues.
    The versions before had the update issue.
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