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ESET SSL Filter CA certificate notification


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Since a while I have a problem with a certificate that is popped-up evertime Outlook 2013 is started.

I've added a screenshot of this as an attachment.


This is however for 1 user in the company of five. If the user signs in on another desktop it again will show the ​pop-up.

Another user signs in -> no problem.


It gives a message "The name on the certificate does not correspond with the name of the website".


The excchange server used is an exchange 2010 server (within a Small Business Server 2011 of Microsoft).


Can you help me?

With kind regards.

​Xarmac Systems BV


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What operating system is it? What is the certificate CN name? Does it match the domain name shown in the alert?


Could you post a bigger screen shot with all text readable? Also a screen shot of the certificate Subject field would be welcome.

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