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D-Link issues and Eset(9) Stats

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   I clicked eset stats, and found it working on over 9000 kid5Ipvc and aniwzcs files. It just keeps on flip flopping on these files. I'm also having issues with dropped internet, which may be related. The response to site pages I visit is delayed a bit too.


   The circular pie graph is empty and reports no infected or cleaned objects, The continuous counter of "clean objects" is incrementing and is up to over 9000 now.


  Where do these files come from and do I need them?, I don't do games, but simple browsing and forums, but the person upstairs whom I receive my transmission from does ?. Someone said it points to registery problem, but I would have thought eset would take care of that without causing noticable performance problems, not that I'm saying eset is the problem. Is there a registery cleaner that is reliable and won't muck up the system? Should I do a system checkpoint before running it? We are on a Bell109 service.


I'm also tempted to download Spybot, which was an excellent registry monitor. It works well with eset too.


  Thanks for the help.

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The counter of scanned files increases with each image, .js, .css file, etc. that is downloaded upon loading the content of a website, hence it may grow quickly. 

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