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  1. I read your sticky, and I'm running win7. My regular MS update in March caused a system hang, and I was lucky enough to have a system checkpoint of 2 days previous I could back up on. It cleared the problem. Since then my MS updates are off, because I found out MS was trying to implement some of it's v10 incompatible software into previous systems. Others thought they are sneakily having everyone beta test their products knowing some will have issues, in which case they would recommend v10. I'll turn MS backup on again one day, but until then I will stay with a version fully beta tested and works.
  2. I clicked eset stats, and found it working on over 9000 kid5Ipvc and aniwzcs files. It just keeps on flip flopping on these files. I'm also having issues with dropped internet, which may be related. The response to site pages I visit is delayed a bit too. The circular pie graph is empty and reports no infected or cleaned objects, The continuous counter of "clean objects" is incrementing and is up to over 9000 now. Where do these files come from and do I need them?, I don't do games, but simple browsing and forums, but the person upstairs whom I receive my transmission from does ?. Someone said it points to registery problem, but I would have thought eset would take care of that without causing noticable performance problems, not that I'm saying eset is the problem. Is there a registery cleaner that is reliable and won't muck up the system? Should I do a system checkpoint before running it? We are on a Bell109 service. I'm also tempted to download Spybot, which was an excellent registry monitor. It works well with eset too. Thanks for the help.
  3. I'm running W 7 pro sp1 32. I'm not using IE, MS is. So if I get a virus through IE, then MS is at fault. ESET shares some responsibility in this potential hazard. Instead of linking us directly(clicking the 'here' link) to IE as it does now, it could instead have us link to an ESET user option that allows us to pick the browser. The solution is for MS to stop trying to force use of it's product. It's unfortunate hackers are targeting IE, that's not MS fault, but, it's not our fault either. But it is irresponsibile to leave a product on the market that has focus of hackers. So ESET, include a browser choice for your links.
  4. I use SS7. Occasionally the blue eset tray icon will have the "i" for information. I go to the page and I click the "Click here for more information". It brings up IE for updates. My PC is set to Firefox default browser. IE is not supported by me and I don't use it. I never allow updates to IE becuase the updates hog the system from me either on power up or log off. It's patches are huge too, and i never know if they are accumulative, or MS removes older versions. My disk space isn't all that large. Eventually IE will become more vulnerable as MS uses IE, and that will make my system more vulnerable. Is there a way to force MS to default to Firefox browser when it wants a browser.?
  5. Just after I renewed my licence for a two computer system, I upgraded to SS 7 from 6 by ESET program update, not from a downloaded setup file. That doesn't leave me with a hardcopy of Smart Security 7 to re-install on my machine for a system upgrade. My concern is ESET will think I'm installing to a third desktop, when it's only to reinstall under a different operating system. (It's licenced to Feb 2016 for my desktop. I'm also licensed on my laptop which already runs Win 7). A clean install of Win 7 will clean my hard drive and I'll need to start from scratch. I will then need to reinstall all my drivers and executables which includes ESET. I looked in ESET help menu and found no reference to "What to do if you upgrade/change operating systems". Can I just go to the ESET site and re-enter my eset user and password and download another setup file? Is my XP version of eset (non 64bit) the same as a win 7 32 eset.? A reinstall procedure would really help. Sorry if I'm not too clear on my explaination. Thanks.
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