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Cannot Renew License

Guest Steve Valliere

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Guest Steve Valliere

My license will expire in a couple weeks.  I've tried several DOZEN times over the past few days to renew it and all I get are errors from Google Play along with the occasional repeat copies of the "Thanks for installing the FREE version of ESET" and "Thanks for activating your product" emails from ESET.


I decided to try going directly to eset.com to see if I could renew there, but it requires an eset username which, contrary to the web page's instructions, was *NOT* included in any of the emails I received when I purchased the product last year.


I've put in my emails address and the web site politely says that it will send my info "shortly" -- but it is either lying, or ESET has a very different definition of "shortly" that I do, since I've been waiting a few hours now and received nothing.  (And yes, I've been checking the spam box, too, just in case it lands there.)


So, other than purchasing another original license (if that will work!) is there no way to renew a license for the Android version?


My phone:  Droid Razr Maxx HD

Android: 4.1.2

Droid System Version: 9.18.79.XT926.Verizon.en.US


Need anything else to make this work?  I was kinda hoping that the bugs would be ironed out by now ... it took a few weeks for my original license to be recognized on the phone, too.  I wrote that off as a new product issue that would smooth out later.  Then again, if "shortly" means more than several hours to ESET, then "later" might mean next century!

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