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how to test Send Wake-Up Call

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I too have this question as I typically just send the wakeup call, and it always works so I don't question it, but I agree that it could be useful to be able to test it/see that is going through.


From a support tech I also heard that you can use wireshark listening on a target client, then look for a packet from the ERAS that is addressed to the LAN's broadcast address.


Any other methods? I can add this to hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3616/



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  • ESET Staff

Is there any specific reason you want to test it?

You may be watching network for broadcasted UDP packets, but even if you will see packets received by client, it does not mean AGENT will be "woken-up" as there must be other conditions met (all packets must be received, they must be targeted for this client and also content must pass security validation). Network traffic analysis will help you eliminate network barriers preventing Wake-up functionality to work properly, but for testing whole functionality, analyzing AGENT's behavior or monitoring it's trace log is the only reliable way.

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