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Constructive feedback so far for ERA 6.X | Management and the installation process of your products

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I honestly love ESET and I've been using your products since 2.X.  I can remember being in high school using your products.  So fast forward 10-12 years I'm a senior systems engineer.  Being a senior IT professional, I gain influence over what products we use and I push the button to fire McAfee and deploy my lifelong favorite anti-virus - ESET.


The biggest weaknesses ESET has in my opinion are --


1) Management in a corporate environment.  This is being improved.  ERA 6.X is a step in the right direction regardless of how others feel.  ERA 6.X's biggest issue is documentation and proper labeling in the GUI.  It's not that the product can't do it, it's that the customer can't figure it out.  I had to continuously click on things until I figured them out.  One good example being the relationship between trusted zones and known networks in the Endpoint Security products personal firewall.


2) The installation/uninstallation/upgrade procedures.  Now I have no idea if these issues are thanks to the Windows Installer or what, but ESET has huge issues getting onto a system.  I've seen too many error 1603's, or general install/uninstall failures of ESET products.  You need to use the same methods that the ESET rip and replace code uses to get onto a system.  I understand the rip and replace product is a paid service.  However, it can't be.  It must be built into the product's logic and the natural way the product installs itself onto a system.  If your customers can't get your products on their systems, it's useless to them.  I don't like having to boot a system up into safe mode to run the ESETUninstall.exe application.  The normal installer should be able to RIP out anything on that system that would otherwise conflict and replace it with the version of ESET a customer is trying to install.  In situations where we've had to use ESETUninstall.exe in safe mode, we've tried to uninstall the product normally first, it fails.  You'll get a window asking for the install files because something is corrupt and even pointing the product to the installer location doesn't work.  This is my number one problem with your products.


If you could just fix your installer I'd be very happy.  We don't have a "ESET doesn't work problem".  We have a "we can't get ESET onto all of our systems problem".  It conflicts with itself so upgrades are something I take a pass on in favor of stability.  Yeah, not upgrading my endpoints is a security risk, but the installation becoming damaged and not having any product running on the endpoint is an even bigger risk.

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As I understand it,  Known networks, bulk subnets into large buckets that filter into zones.     


The Trusted Zone is one of those zones with predefined rules that match it.


Kinda like opening up IE and you have Internet, Trusted, Intranet, and restricted sites.  That are akin to Zones. 

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