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Stop ESET from waking up my secondary drives?

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Hello, I have an SSD and 3 secondary HDD for storage purposes. They used to be always inactive until I (or any software) accessed them. 


Since I installed ESET Smart Security they periodically start (it's very noticeable as I'm in a low noise environment and the disks are loud) and the ESET icon in the taskbar changes to an animated one.


I've looked at all the options but I can't find where to disable those scans. I want the secondary drives to be scanned, but only when I access them.


I have "Idle-state scanning" OFF. 

And "rescan quarantined files" OFF (just in case quarantined files where in the HDDs or something).


I don't know what else to change or turn off. Any help would be appreciated. 

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