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ESS 9 how to open ports for viewing media streams?

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I've been told that I need to open some ports in my firewall and after a bit of searching around I eventually found where you guys have hidden the Firewall Rules... why a button to them is not on the main GUI I really don't know.


I need to open these ports:

  • 1935
  • 443
  • 80

and have made a rule to do just that (which doesn't work) and if I enable the firewall I get this error:

Error Code:


with the firewall disabled the OnDemand TV streams play fine


I tried to follow the Eset help file for ESS 8 (unable to find support for ESS 9) but I don't know how to check if ESS 9 is implementing the rule to keep those ports open and even if it is it's still blocking something required to make the stream handshake with the browser.


this is the stream I wanted to watch:



this is the their help page



does Eset have a tool or web page that checks for open ports?


many thanks for reading


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Creating an "allow" rule with the said ports set as local ports. As for remote ports, you might want to specify a subnet or IP range that will have communication with the media server permitted.

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