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Does eset really scan the SD card?

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I just transferred a bunch of .APK files from my PC to the android device running the latest free Eset anti-virus.

I then ran the smart scan, and the deep scan. It found nothing.

I also ran a scan on my PC, using ClamAV.. It found these:


RAYMAN FIESTA RUN v1.2.9 MOD.apk: Sanesecurity.Foxhole.Zip_Js_Js.UNOFFICIAL FOUND
Spongebob Move In.apk: Sanesecurity.Foxhole.Zip_Js_Js.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

Who is correct? Do these games have viruses?


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I would say NO and this is a no go!

I use ESET (on PC) now over 10 years and my whole Family and friends got a active license for mobile Android. They did it as i said its the best Virus App... But when this isnt fixed very soon ill talking to them to not renew the license!

All of them got a Android device with SD card and using it most as extern/portable (Android 5/6), some of them as adaptive/intern. I think the adaptive will work as intern right with scanning but ill check it soon.

It's not a big Deal to put a short window to accept/grant permission to the sd under Android 5/6; like other Tools already did.

So plz ESET fix it asap! Its not save atm!

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