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Eset virus radar map


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why don't you add iran to your virus radar map?

add Iran please

and at last

i wan to say THANK YOU for protecting my PC for 5 years ;)

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I assume you mean virusradar.

There Iran is displayed in grey, which means that there is "no data" as the tooltip shows.


And it is easy to find out why: ESET does not and is not allowed to sell their software to Iran. So as there are no (official) users ESET cannot receive any data.


I don't want to ask how you got your ESET version, but at least you did not get it from an official ESET reseller unless you bought it from a foreign country.

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I would also take a wild guess and assume that some (not all) of the other "grey" countries on the map simply don't have enough users and as a result they don't provide enough telemetry data back to ESET, or something similar.

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