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with windows 10 (1511) is there a known issue with Firefox certificates and eset 9?


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Suddenly my firefox browser would not log onto firefox and google sites, I could not sync firefox as it said that the connection was shut down.  In addition,

in the help section the hyperlinks were plain text and flash was not working at all.  I did a clean install of firefox, that didn't change anything, Deleted the cert8.db, nada.

did a system restore and finally got things working by re-imaging the drive with an Acronis image from a week ago.


Some chatter on the internet says that a browser toolbar installs itself on the system and then messes up firefox from the OS.

Other are saying that Eset and other AVs replace the certificate when using ssl?


Its too much for me to grasp, nor do I want to have to play nursemaid to the anti-virus.


Any thoughts or persons who have experienced the same issue recently?




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Try the following:

- restart Windows

- without launching any application, open the advanced ESET setup

- disable SSL/TLS scanning and click OK


Does the problem persist? If not, repeat the same procedure but this time enable SSL/TLS scanning so that an ESET root certificate is imported to browsers and email clients.

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