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A Couple Notification Manager Questions

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Hi again all.  I have been messing around with the notification manager for different events, and I had a couple questions about customizing the notifications that are sent out.


1. When the list of clients that meets a specific criteria is sent out, it uses %CLIENT_LIST%, which gives me servername / clientname.  I only have one server for ERAC/ERAS, so the "servername" portion isn't necessary, and clutters up the email a bit.  Is there something different that can be used that will just give the client names?


2. With the "Activation After" and "Repeat After Every", if I want a report sent every 24 hours, I just set 24 hours for each value, and that is working great.  My question is, is there any way I can specify the time of day when that notification actually gets emailed out?


I believe that is all of the questions I have as of right now.  Thanks in advance for any help!

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   When it comes to customization, there are quite a few options but there are also limitations. A great example is the variables. The variables help expand the data with variables that pull a static value. In your case, you are presenting the servername/clientnameTaht is the data that that variable pulls and it is not something you can customize. With the sending of the notification actions (question 2) they are set to repeat and will repeat on a scheduled timeframe without any adjustment to the time.


Sadly, the two customizations you are asking for are not present or adjustable int he way you want them to be. They can send mass amounts of information, but not to the timeframe or way you would like.

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