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ESET /Windows stuck during scan of flashdrive

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Inserted older 2Gb flashdrive (generic?) into Toshiba Satelitte L500 laptop running Windows 7


ESET (Smart Security 4 All-in-one Internet Security PC Download Version) scan started at 6:29 PM 


Then screen went black - user quickly removed flashdrive in fear of bug in system


Messages displayed:


"Waiting for background programs to close:


Line across screen


"Closing programs and shutting down"


CANCEL button - when selected nothing changed/happend


Lower RHS desktop time / clock displays 6:33 PM - even though several hours have now passed.


Internet was not being used at the time - although regular updates are applied to software (ie MS OS, Eset)  whenever we go on the internet.


We have never had anything like this happen before - would appreciate advice / suggestions

- not sure whether to do forced shut down / hold down power button on laptop.


(Sending this from PC)


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First of all, please uninstall ESS v4. Does the problem actually go away? If so, install ESS v9 and try to reproduce it. Should the problem persist, please post some screen shots so that we better understand what the problem is.

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