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Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software

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This is a perfect example why ESET has provided and protected, all while having a confident, and helpful persona for the entire anti-malware industry.

No other company provides this kind of help and direction.

Yes i have found a few sites, not many of which are AV companies that i saw, and most had adds or seemed untrustworthy, some listing ESET's page at the top. Heh :rolleyes:


These tools should be run almost every time if you see a clients computer that has other junk for anti-virus and you intend on replacing.

If you stick to Add/Remove programs / Programs and Features , windows installer will almost always leave behind

directories, temp files, user data, quarantined objects, registry settings and more !

Some paths to uninstallers have wizards that do clean well, but not all the time.




If you are replacing your security on your own; or you are a tech servicing a machine.

Perform good cleanups, or risk registry errors and vulnerability holes down the road.



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